Substantiation of the model of innovation activities of the system of public authorities: conceptual bases

Using methodological provision for rational decision-making technology, systems and systems activity approaches, the structure of the innovative activity aimed at updating the effectiveness of the system of public authorities is grounded. Besides, this type of activity is presented as an open system combining the set of internal and external components: the first ones are formed by interacted innovation activities of system-wide, functional and instrumental levels; the second ones include resources, opportunities and favorable preconditions as well as basic types and means of maintenance.

Methodological principles of legal science

Methodological foundations in legal science are considered in scientific and conceptualunderstanding. The criticism of the state of methodological research in our science, based on the goal,the formation of a civil society in Ukraine, the construction of a democratic rule of law, market economyis quite justified. Only by the nature of the problems that arise in legal science in relation to these goals,and the scale of the research objectives, does methodology become one of the least developed areas ofour science and, above all, the general theory of law.

Basic approaches of evaluation of value and possibility of application to the transport enterprises

To calculate the value of an enterprise, it is necessary to use the approaches and methods of valuation and to choose the most suitable for a particular enterprise. The article discusses methodological approaches that are legally established in Ukraine, such as profitable, cost and comparative. Also considered are synthetic methods of valuing an enterprise that cannot be directly attributed to any of the traditional approaches. This is an optional approach and one based on the model of Edward Bell Olson. They combine the benefits inherent in each of the main traditional approaches.

Підходи та алгоритми проектування гібридних сховищ даних

Проаналізовано відомі підходи та алгоритми до проектування гібридних сховищ даних. Запропоновано концепцію узагальненого гібридного сховища даних.

Metodological bases study of the phenomenon of crime on religious grounds as a socio-legal phenomenon

The methodology generally has two meaning: as a system-defined methods and techniques used in a particular field – science, politics, etc., and as the study of this system as a general theory of method, theory in action. Therefore, the methodology – a philosophical theory of system methods of scientific knowledge and the transformation of reality, and the doctrine of the application of the principles of the laws of dialectics and science to the process of learning and practice in the interest of acquiring new knowledge.

Problem of legal knowledge and understanding in philosophy ХХ century

The article analyzes the scientific work of domestic and foreign scholars on the problems of legal knowledge and understanding of the philosophy of the XX century. The main theoretical and methodological approaches that have emerged as part of modern philosophy to study the problems of legal knowledge and understanding. Defined thematic orientation work, their characteristics and features, singled out the overall trends research. Exposed the most topical at the present stage of science methods of studying the abovementioned issues.