Basic approaches of evaluation of value and possibility of application to the transport enterprises

: pp. 14 - 23
National Transport University

To calculate the value of an enterprise, it is necessary to use the approaches and methods of valuation and to choose the most suitable for a particular enterprise. The article discusses methodological approaches that are legally established in Ukraine, such as profitable, cost and comparative. Also considered are synthetic methods of valuing an enterprise that cannot be directly attributed to any of the traditional approaches. This is an optional approach and one based on the model of Edward Bell Olson. They combine the benefits inherent in each of the main traditional approaches.

Existing approaches and methods are based on foreign experience, which needs to be adapted to domestic realities. From the analysis of the foreign experience of business valuation, it can be said that standardization and regulation of valuation activities should be done by creating a system of measures and procedures aimed at increasing the quality of valuation services and meeting their specific criteria established by the professional community of valuers. The negative and positive sides, the analyzed approaches and methods of cost estimation, as well as the peculiarities of their application in transport enterprises are distinguished.

Modern economic trends aimed at the active development of entrepreneurship, increased competition, the use of market mechanisms, the development of its various organizational and legal forms and spheres, expansion of markets, necessitate the improvement of efficiency of enterprise management. Under these conditions, value criterion becomes more and more relevant in the Ukrainian space, namely: increasing the value of the enterprise rather than generating profit in the short term. The results of the article give an opportunity to optimize the process of valuation of the enterprise and can be implemented in the management of motor transport enterprises.

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