polemical literature

Inter-race as an expression of law of the ukrainian people to own their national identity and statehood (last quarter XVI – first half XVII centuries)

Inter-confessional factor is seen as a form of social and political struggle of contemporary intellectuals for defending the rights of the Ukrainian people for their national identity and national statehood. It is noted that during the polemic fighting the concept "Rus" (that is- Ukrainian) and "Orthodoxy" acquire the same meaning. There is an opinion that the idea of the rule in the Ukrainian society of the spiritual power -of power of the Orthodox Church was only possible in conditions of contemporary form of the national state.

The analysis of the individual areas of the philosophical and legal ideas research in Ukrainian polemical literature

This article analyzes the research work of theological, philosophical, legal and political science nature, from which we get information about philosophical and legal ideas in Ukrainian polemical literature, which appeared after the adoption of the Brest Union in 1596.

Analysis of the philosophical and legal ideas in Ukraine in XVI–XVII centuries

During the Polish expension a complex social and political situation in Ukraine became even more complicated after the adoption of the Brest Union in 1596. As a result, at the end of XVI, beginning of the XVII century on the religious base in Ukraine appears a polemic trend. In their works polemists gave answers not only on religious issues but also expressed the philosophical and legal opinion about public relations. Thus, this article analyzes the main philosophical and legal ideas of polemical literature at the end of XVI beginning XVII century.

Philosophical and legal ideas of social equality in polemical literature

After the adoption of the Brest Union in 1596 in Ukraine a controversial trend appeared and the representatives of it were the leading thinkers of the time. Polemical literature that developed on the basis of the religious issues, raised a number of social, political, legal, philosophical and legal issues. One of these was the problem of social equality. Philosophical and legal ideas of social equality proposed by Ukrainian philosophers remain relevant to this day, especially during the development of the rule- of -law state and civil society in Ukraine.