Chemical Analysis and the Study of Quality Indicators of the Immunobiological Drug for Preventing and Treating Candidal Infections

Quality indicators such as protein content, polysaccharide content, phenol content, and pH of the developed vaccine solution for injection (VSI) “Candidocyde” based on cells of C. albicans and C. tropicalis fungi have been found to meet the standard requirements. It was determined that by the indicator of transparency and degree of turbidity the test solution is transparent, by the coloration degree it is colorless, by the sterility indicator it is sterile. The sterility period, determined after the first opening, is 8 hours.

Biosynthesis Products of Pseudomonas sp. PS-17 Strain Metabolites. 1. Obtaining and Thermal Characteristics

Biogenic surfactants (rhamnolipid biocomplex, dirhamnolipid and exopolysaccharide) and polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymer which are the new biosynthesis products of Pseudomonas sp. PS-17 strain have been obtained. The thermal transformation of these products has been studied in the air in the temperature range of 293–1273 K. Thermolysis and IR spectroscopy revealed a formation of rhamnolipid biocomplex between rhamnolipids and exopolysaccharide upon acidification of the culture fluid supernatant to pH = 3. Cellular polymer – polyhydroxyalkanoate – was identified by UV-Vis spectroscopy.


Today in the world deepened researches on the synthesis and study of theproperties of hydrogel materials are held due to their promising use in many fields,in particular in pharmaceutics, electronic devices and engineering, biomedicine,bioengineering. Physico-chemical properties of hydrogels, so the spheres of theirpossible use are determined by the nature of the polymer, the degree of structuring,the ratio of components of the polymer: water.