Modification of Ceramics and Ceramic Glazers with Carbon Nanoadditives, and Properties of the Modified Materials

The work describes a method of modifying the ceramic materials by introducing carbon-based nanoscopic additives into the slip composite and glaze composite in the form of water-based suspension for the production of sanitary and technical ceramics of increased quality. Physical and mechanical properties of experimental samples are researched. The results of experimental research are obtained in the form of experimentally determined properties of composite materials which were nanomodified by carbon nanostructures.

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Direct Reduction of Iron Ore in a Moving Bed Reactor by the Single Particle Model

In this work, a mathematical model is developed for simulating the behavior of a counter-current moving bed reactor, in which the reduction of porous iron ore pellets to sponge iron is simulated. Simultaneous mass and energy balances within both the solid particles and the reactor, will lead to a set of coupled ordinary differential equations. The iron ore reduction kinetics was modeled with a single particle model. The model was able to satisfactorily reproduce the data of Gilmore Steel Corporation (USA).

Corrosion-mechanical resistance of arc-sprayed coatings made from cored powders

Result of investigations of resistance against corrosion and mechanical resistance of obtained by means of arc-spray metallization (with the use of cored wires) coatings are presented. The cored wires (CWs) enable us to regulate the chemical composition and, consequently, properties of the deposited coating in a wide range.

Prediction of physical and reservoir properties of reservoir rocks in geological structures with unconventional gas

A calculation of the empirical relationships that link the volumetric compression, porosity and pressure in porous rocks of an arbitrary geological region is suggested. The calculation of correlations and empirical relationships between reservoir properties and parameters of elastic waves is conducted by the data of Zaluszany’s wells, which distinguish dry and oil-gas saturated rocks. A detection of oil and water by the density parameter is proposed. A unified algorithm for these calculations is built.

Regularities of the spatial distribution of capacitor properties of rock-collectors in sarmatian deposits of neogene of Bilche-Volitskoy zone of Precarpatian foredeep

The purpose. The aim of the research is the prediction of the reservoir properties (porosity, effective thicknesses) for communication flow rate of gas production and further forecasting tributaries in new gas promising areas in the North-Western part of Bilche-Velickou zone of Precarpathian foredeep. The methodology of the research was to build a schematic maps of change in area of porosity and effective thicknesses. Results.

Litho-petrophisical heterogeneity of the reservoir rocks

Based on the results of our studies, three litho-types of rocks have been identified, their structure characterized, influence of post-sedimentary transformations revealed, etc. Leaching, sulphatization and deposition of ore minerals are considered as the changes superimposed upon the background lithogenesis. The diversity of the processes has resulted in significant petrophysical heterogeheity of geological cross-section, which has to be taken into account during idevelopment of the layers, introduction of the intensive methods, etc.