potassium persulfate

Сomparative study of the hydrocarbon resins production of by the С9 fraction emulsion and suspension oligomerization

The production of a hydrocarbon resins (co-oligomers) by low-temperature dispersion co-oligomerization of C9 fraction of diesel fuel pyrolysis liquid by-products was researched. This method allows to reduce the temperature of the process. The synthesis was carried out by emulsion and suspension co-oligomerization. The main regularities of the suspension and emulsion oligomerization of the hydrocarbon fraction C9 are established. The effect of temperature, initiator concentration and process duration on the yield, physical and chemical properties of synthesized oligomers were investigated.

Emulsion oligomerization of С9 fraction of oil refining by-products initiated by potassium persulfate

Hydrocarbon  resins (oligomers) are produced on the basis of fraction C9 of oil refining by-products. The low-temperature emulsion oligomerization can reduce the temperature and duration of the process compared to the existing technologies.