поверхнево-активна речовина


The paper presents the results of the study of the statics of adsorption of surface-active substances from model solutions by activated carbon and zeolite. The results of photometric determination of the concentration of anionic surfactants before and after adsorption are presented. The results of adsorption capacity calculations are presented. The experimental results using the program (Langmuir 1.03) were numerically calculated. Sorption isotherms of sodium dodecyl sulfate indicate the mechanism of monomolecular physical adsorption.

Studying the Effect of Butanol on the Anode Behavior of Copper in Phosphoric Acid Solutions

The anode behavior of the copper electrode immersed in butanol phosphate electrolytes has been studied. The polarization dependences of the electrode allowed us to detect the sections that correspond to the passive and active states of copper and we also established the zone of the combined behavior of the processes of the copper dissolution and oxygen release. It was also established that a butyl alcohol contributes to an abrupt decrease in current densities in the entire region of anode potentials.