power consumption

Development of strategies for reducing traction energy consumption by electric rolling stock

The paper considers a method of increasing the energy efficiency of the traction power consumption during operation of a non-autonomous electric rolling stock equipped with an onboard energy storage. The idea is to use the onboard energy storage of the electric braking as an additional power source for the traction electric drive in the process of vehicle acceleration and to coordinate its work with the power supply system.

Macromodelling as an approach for short-term load forecasting of electric power system objects

In the paper methods of construction of mathematical models intended for the power consumption forecasting are discussed. Alternative method of forecasting of defined object using discrete macromodels which allows to conduct quantative analysis of characteristics of the electric energy consumption in the future using known previous data obtained during the field test is proposed.

Effectiveness evaluation of discrete macromodelling to forecast power consumption of electric power system component elements

The paper is concerned with a method intended for forecasting electric power consumption using discrete macromodels of daily and annual electric power consumption of defined objects. The method provides the possibility of estimating qualitative characteristics of future electric power consumption based on known prior data.

Analysis of the Energy Balance of Optical Transport Network Based on the Technological and Architectural Approaches

In this paper presents the main approaches to improve energy efficiency of telecommunications network. The main attention is focused on technological and architectural approaches to reduce power consumption. Shown the correlation approaches to improve energy efficiency.