The article presents the approach to the formation of effective management teams, taking into account the complex review of tasks that appear in front of the organization. The development of the modern economy marked the structural changes in which knowledge became the main driving force, and therefore the requirements for organizing managerial labour increased significantly. The path of scientific search for methods of building rational organizational structures lies in the plan of studying the human factor in the field of managerial decision making.

The right integration is a promising direction of development of legal science

This article analyzes the formation and development of law as the integration of science, discipline and integrated knowledge areas, its main features and characteristics, the study of the right of the European Union, as part of the integration of the right to association of Ukraine with the EU. We analyze the value and prospects of development of the science of law
integration and communication with the improvement of the educational process and professional development of lawyers

Violence in the policies and practices of the stalinist totalitarian regime (historical and legal aspects)

The problem of violence in politics and practice of Stalin’s totalitarian regime, the gist of
which lied in the physical destruction, moral and psychological oppression and conquest of all
citizens of the state is analysed.
The effective methods of the implementation of this programme were the politics and
practice of violence, repressions, terror and fear, the lack of human’s rights before the Soviet