preventive measures

Problems of precautionary measure application in the view of detention under guard in Ukraine

Annotation. The article examines problematic issues related to the use of preventive measures in the form of detention in criminal cases and the experience of foreign countries in this area. The practice of the European Court of Human Rights regarding detention and its decisions are analyzed in the context of legal norms and standards related to human rights.

Procedural forces in the process of implementing precautions relating to partial restriction of freedom of person

The article deals with the problem of the nature of procedural coercion in the process of preventive measures related to the partial restriction of a person's freedom during criminal proceedings. In particular, an analysis of a relatively new preventive measure, which found anchoring in the current Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine house arrest, which is a certain legislative filling in of the gap that arose between preventive measures, unrelated to the restriction of freedom of person, is provided.