Inacceptability of influence by prosecutors and lawyers on the activities of judges

  Abstract. Prosecutors and lawyers, whose work involves ensuring the application of the law and, at the same time, diligently respecting court decisions, the enforcement of which is often their duty, must protect the right to appeal during their execution. It is clear that the reverse is also true: judges must respect prosecutors as representatives of these professional bodies and not interfere with the performance of their duties.

Investigation of crimes committed by convicts in penal colonies of Ukraine

In order to improve the disclosure and investigation of crimes committed by convicts in the correctional colonies of Ukraine, to solve problematic issues that arise during the investigation of such crimes, there was a need to develop new scientifically based recommendations aimed at increasing the effectiveness of combating crime, in particular recidivism, as well as improvement of the organizational and legal foundations of the activity of the pretrial investigation body during the investigation of such crimes.

The issue of classification of participants in criminal proceedings and authorized to support an indictment in court

The issues of participants in criminal proceedings, authorized support of the prosecution in court are defined. СPC of Ukraine to the party of criminal proceedings - from the prosecution included the investigator, the interrogating officer, the head of the pre-trial investigation body, the head of the body of inquiry, the prosecutor, as well as the victim, his representative and a legal representative in cases established by CPC of Ukraine is analyzed.

Functions of the charge: content and stages of implementation

The analyzed positions of scientists that determine the content of criminal procedure functions. Here the question was examined regarding the content, the moment of occurrence and the stages of the implementation of the criminal procedure function of the prosecution. It is emphasized that the function of the prosecution is the driving force of the criminal process and contributes to the emergence of other criminal procedural functions of the defense and the trial.

Рarticipation of the prosecutor in proving circumstances justifying the application of preventive measures

Strengthening the role of prosecutors by the exercise of supervision in the form of pre-trial investigation procedure requires management to study the characteristics exercising their judicial powers on key areas of criminal procedural activities.

Grounds and procedure of temporary access to items and documents application

The article covers issues concerning the question of criminal procedure during the application of temporary access to items and documents. It is reasoned that the Code of criminal procedure of Ukraine recognizes temporary access to items and documents as lawful voluntary act and on the basis of court decision. Besides, there are analyzed the form of admission to the investigative judge, court with the petition for the temporary access to items and documents, its decision, enforcement and outcomes of non-execution.

Participation of the prosecutor in proving when reporting suspected in the course of pre-trial investigation

The article based on the analysis of the current legislation, special literature, prosecutorial practices considered problematic moments of the prosecutor's participation in proving when reporting suspected in the course of pre-trial investigation.

Features of the implementation his procedural powers of the prosecutor at the pre-trial investigation of proof

On the basis of the consideration of representations of proving in criminal proceedings,
the criminal procedural law of Ukraine, modern prosecutorial and investigative practices
disclosed features of the implementation of its powers by the prosecutor in proving during the
pre-trial investigation. Grounded inconsistency of views of individual scientists do not admit
evidence of the actual data collected during the pretrial investigation. Based on the approach
to the definition of proving in criminal proceedings as a cognitive activity, which includes both

On the enforcement of fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and humans while executing a search

In the article issues concerning criminal procedure while executing a search are analyzed. Procedural grounds and a process of search execution by authorized persons at a time of criminal procedure are revealed. Also, it is admitted that the application of proper legal procedure will encourage the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms of a person in criminal procedure.