Prototype of Intellectual System for Research of Space Weather Parameters

An analysis of the state of space weather research has been conducted, based on which the main problem has been identified and its relevance has been justified. Monitoring, researching, and forecasting space weather conditions receive significant attention in developed countries around the world. Despite significant progress in addressing this issue, the structure of solar-terrestrial connections is not fully understood, and the risks associated with space weather are increasing as the key aspects of our lives become increasingly technologically advanced.

Prototype of Information System of Analysis of Structural and Logical Schemes of Educational Programs

The article contains the results of the analysis of the current situation of using system solutions in the creation and improvement of educational programs. During the analysis and research of the subject area the factors influencing the comprehensive development of the student are determined. These factors and curricula have also been linked. The basic terms and key concepts of this subject area are analyzed and their influence and importance are determined.


The weak point of any structure is always the elements junction node. This article presents the results of a study of the adhesion of glass plates interconnected over the entire surface by means of adhesive materials and triplex technology under the action of static loading. The bearing capacity and deformability of such joints was established. For the research purposes there were designed, manufactured and tested six series of prototypes. The prototypes consisted of three glass plates, each 10 mm thick, interconnected by means of triplex technology and various adhesive materials.

Railway stations as part of the architectural identity of the region

The railway station buildings are regarded in accordance with other buildings in the process of creating the architectural identity of historical lands. The formation of compositional and stylistic types of railway station buildings, their location in Galicia (Halytchyna), Bukovina (Bukovyna) and Transcarpathia (Zakarpattia) is tracked, and the ways of their localization are identified. The main focus is on small railway station buildings. The tendencies of modern state and utilization of the railway station buildings are defined considering the processes of highly developed countries.