psychiatric examination

The need for a legal expert research for a cumulative physiological аffect

This paper is dedicated to a problem of cumulative neglect the concept of
physiological affect of guilt-soften circumstances in a law usage domestic practice, despite the
fact that the current Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for this possibility. The author argues
the need for an examination to determine the presence of the defendant at the time of
committing a crime of passion and lists the circumstances which warrant the appointment of
such expertise and which, therefore, necessary to find out in the course of doing business,

The article deals with the concept and content of forensic psychiatric examination of the suspect in the assassination attempt

It was revealed that the appointment of a forensic psychiatric examination in criminal
proceedings. The basic questions of forensic psychiatric examination of the suspect in the
murder were determined. The analysis of expert researches of the socio-psychological
component of the characteristics of the killer person is carried out.