A mathematical study of the COVID-19 propagation through a stochastic epidemic model

The COVID-19 is a major danger that threatens the whole world.  In this context, mathematical modeling is a very powerful tool for knowing more about how such a disease is transmitted within a host population of humans.  In this regard, we propose in the current study a stochastic epidemic model that describes the COVID-19 dynamics under the application of quarantine and coverage media strategies, and we give a rigorous mathematical analysis of this model to obtain an overview of COVID-19 dissemination behavior.

Some aspects of administrative responsibility for violation of rules regarding people's quarantine

The article deals with issues related to the violation of the rules by citizens in quarantine and bringing the perpetrators to administrative responsibility. Attention is drawn to the importance of understanding, interpreting and using the terms that characterize quarantine, its constituent elements, as well as measures of sanitary and hygienic, sanitary and anti-epidemic content, aimed at combating infectious diseases.