Runge-Kutta method

Simulation of Bulk Material Descent From Centrifugal Cone Disc Dispenser

Aim. Development of an analytical model and study of particle movement on the surface of a conical disk rotary dispenser-mixer of bulk material. Method. The particle, which is placed on the conical disk, is subjected to gravity directed vertically downwards, the pressure force of the vertical component of the bulk component. The force of the normal reaction of the surface of the conical disk is directed perpendicular to the cone generating line of the dispenser disk at a given point where the material particle is located. Cartesian coordinate system.

Mathematical Modeling of Area Boundary of Biaxial Absolutely Elastic States of Wood

In the paper, the mathematical model for determination of the region boundary of biaxial elastic states of orthotropic materials is synthesized and the system of nonlinear algebraic equations for identification of its parameters is obtained. Using the continuous method of solution continuation concerning the best parameter and the Runge-Kutta method, the demarcation curves of absolutely elastic and non-elastic deformation regions for pine trees are depicted.