Board games market of Ukraine: current state and development prospects

The analyzed market of board games is quite widespread in the world. This market is only gaining momentum and becomes interesting in the future in Ukraine, as it is potentially large-scale and not yet saturated with goods. Indeed, the market is gradually changing and there was a particular jump during the lockdown when people got into board games. Therefore, the article reviews the board games market, which, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, had a different impact on the enterprise’s activities in this field of activity.

Software System for End-Products Accounting in Bakery Production Lines Based on Distributed Video Streams Analysis

Among the main requirements of modern surveillance systems are stability in the face of negative influences and intellectualization. The purpose of intellectualization is that the surveillance system should perform not only the main functions such as monitoring and stream recording but also have to provide effective stream processing. The requirement for this processing is that the system operation has to be automated, and the operator's influence should be minimal. Modern intelligent surveillance systems require the development of grouping methods.

Mobile Information System for Human Nutrition Control

It is acknowledged that each person's life, group of people and nation is formed depending on geographical, economic, political, cultural and religious conditions. Lifestyle is formed as a result of daily repetition and consists of the following factors: nutrition, exercise, the presence of bad habits, moral and spiritual development, and so on. In recent decades, lifestyle has been considered an integral part of well-being, leading to increased research. According to the scientist's study, more than half of health problems are related to diet.

Software Implementation of Gesture Recognition Algorithm Using Computer Vision

This paper examines the main methods and principles of image formation, display of the sign language recognition algorithm using computer vision to improve communication between people with hearing and speech impairments. This algorithm allows to effectively recognize gestures and display information in the form of labels. A system that includes the main modules for implementing this algorithm has been designed.

A study of methods for texture classification of SEM images of micro-surfaces of objects and their segmentation

Purpose. The goal of this work was to develop and study the methods of texture classification of SEM images of micro surfaces of objects based on the statistical and spectral characteristics of texture fragments, as well as a comparative analysis of segmentation methods of SEM images. Methods. The determination of the texture characteristics was based on statistical moments computed by the brightness histogram of a SEM- image or its region. The spectral measures of texture of SEM image were based on properties of the Fourier spectrum.

Застосування методів штучного інтелекту до сегментації графічного образу

An efficient graph-based image segmentation algorithm (EGBIS) is considered. The aspects of an efficient algorithm implementation, in particular the use of “Disjoint sets union” data structure with its heuristics “path compression” and “union be rank”, are investigated. A suitability of the algorithm for the use in automated systems is reviewed. An applicability of cluster validity measures for image segmentation quality assessment is analyzed.