Board games market of Ukraine: current state and development prospects

: pp. 244 - 252
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The analyzed market of board games is quite widespread in the world. This market is only gaining momentum and becomes interesting in the future in Ukraine, as it is potentially large-scale and not yet saturated with goods. Indeed, the market is gradually changing and there was a particular jump during the lockdown when people got into board games. Therefore, the article reviews the board games market, which, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, had a different impact on the enterprise’s activities in this field of activity. Thus, in the retail market, we are observing a decrease in sales volumes and the shopping areas closure, the world-class festivals closure or cancellation. We are observing the e-commerce activation and an increase in the sales volume through the Internet on the other hand.

The review of the world market made it possible to identify the main players who are active in such European countries as Germany, France, Poland and the American market - in the USA and Canada. Having analyzed the work of world-scale festivals, we were able to determine those options for cooperation between Ukrainian producers and idea owners that allow promoting novelties on the national market.

The sales volume structure of board games by the largest manufacturers, including TAKA MAKA, Feelindigo, Bombat Game, Danto, Thinkers and Kozak Games, is given. A brief description of the most famous board games, on which many generations grew up in the world and Ukrainian board games market, is given. Analysis of domestic sellers activities on the analyzed market made it possible to classify all types of board games. Since the consumer is the main target for the marketing activities of any board game manufacturer, consumer research has made it possible to identify the needs that consumers most often want to satisfy when buying board games today. Among the most important advantages is the possibility of having fun and developing the child. This is an important emphasis when conducting communication activities by board game developers.

In addition, we conducted consumer segmentation through a study activities one of the largest stores on the board game market in Lviv – the Octopus store.

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