соціоприродний простір

Essential human characteristics in natural and legal environment

The peculiarity of the essential characteristics of a person in the natural and legal environment is revealed. It consists in the possibility of a person's choice of one or another type of his / her own behavior, as well as problems of self-appraisal, system of values, valuable orientations and freedom of man.

Philosophy of stigmatization in law

The peculiarity of stigmatization in law is determined by the fact that the moral, valuable, and spiritual aspects of the human being, which can be destroyed under the influence of stigmatizing stereotypes, are accumulated in the legal field. It is emphasized that selfstigmatization of a person has a tendency to a certain trampling of himself, which is usually going on under the influence of society and social surroundings. The special features and types of destigmatization of certain categories of persons in the natural and legal environment are analyzed.