Aggression as a determining factor of illegal human behavior

The article examines the essence of the nature of the phenomenon of aggression and characterizes it as a determining factor of illegal human behavior. Various definitions of the concept of aggression as one of the internal deep-psychological determinants of behavior are considered. It is substantiated that aggression, as a predetermined and socially determined behavior, is inextricably linked with the satisfaction of the basic life needs of an individual.

Modern concepts on understanding the phenomenon of civil society

The article analyzes modern concepts of understanding the phenomenon of "civil society" on the basis of a significant array of source base, both domestic and foreign. In particular, an attempt was made to systematize and classify research approaches to understanding the content, patterns of formation and development of civil society in modern world and Ukrainian scientific discourse. Thus, we can distinguish at least seven relatively independent research approaches and many more attempts to synergistically combine different of them in certain authorial combinations.