технічне забезпечення

Технічні засоби підтримки якості послуг сучасних телекомунікаційних мереж

Запропоновано схему взаємодії технічних засобів служби підтримки якості обслуговування (QоS), що здатна забезпечити функціонування телекомунікаційної мережі згідно з правилами системи диференційованого обслуговування з гарантованим сервісом (ДОГС).

A scheme describing the interaction of hardware components supporting the service quality is suggested that enables telecommunications network operation in compliance with the rules of the differentiated care system with guaranteed service.


The development of the human population produces ecosystem changes. Monitoring of them can be considered one of the key prerequisites for ensuring its survival. At the same time, the development of Metrology 4.0 based on the study of land massifs and the control of their characteristics should consider the methods and means for studying the aquatic environment by new types of robots, as platforms for deployment of some sensors, namely multi-legged walking devices, for example, the "water striders".


The technique of characteristics of thermoelectric energy converters based on the study of the frequency dependence of their impedance is presented. Specialized hardware and software for impedance spectroscopy of thermoelectric modules have been developed. For the analysis of the obtained spectra, an electrothermal model was taken as a basis, which describes the experimental results well and allows one to obtain not only electrical but also thermal characteristics of a thermoelectric energy converter.

Information retrieval from data sets of maximal value via analogue neural circuit identification from signal set

Using the analogue neural circuit of maximal value signals from signal set identification is proposed for information retrieval in data sets. The circuit is fast, it has simple structure and can be implemented in a modern hardware. A resolution of the circuit is theoretically infinite and it is not dependent on a value of its parameter. An average time necessary for trajectory convergence of the circuit state variable to a steady state is not dependent on a dimension of input data.

Hardware for data sorting by method of merging in real time

The requirements for the real-time hardware development have been formed. The principles of such development have been selected.  Consistent flow graphs for sorting algorithms by merging data sets have been created. The hardware for sorting data with the high efficiency of equipment usage has been synthesized.