The Investigation of the Practice of the International Technology Transfer’s Risk Reduction in the Conditions of Competitive Struggle Strenghening

Analysis of at the global energy market, according to the Advanced Energy Now 2019 Market Report, showed that the global electricity transmission and distribution market demonstrated the highest historical aggregate annual growth rates (CAGRs) between 2011 and 2019. A huge number of small and medium companies got involved into it and into transfer technology process generally. Generally, the number of enterprises involved in the energy sector has tripled in the last 10 years.

Modelling and quality of diagnostic systems monitoring

The example of improvement of the mathematical model of monitoring of difficult objects of technique and medicine with the low level of dynamics of processes is examined. The article of researches is normative documents, which should be expediented to specify and perfect on the basis of thein formation, got as a result of analysis of results, mathematical models of monitoring of difficult objects of technique, medicine got with a help with the low level of dynamics of processes.

Aspects of assessment and developing of geothermal resources in Ukraine

The article deals with scientific and industrial aspects of the development of geothermal resources in Ukraine. Geological, technical, technological, social and economic aspects were analyzed that can provide a general assessment of the commercial development of geothermal energy. Formulated scientific and technical tasks of efficiently use geothermal power plants (HTEU) type “tube in tube” that will use data HTEU all active geothermal areas of Ukraine with full environmental safety.