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Synthesis and properties of niobium-containing silicate glass

The chemical compositions and properties of glass of different systems for the production of glass ionomer dental cements (GIC) were analyzed. For the synthesis of glass, the basic system 4SiO2–3Al2O3 – xNb2O5 – CaO with the content of Nb2O5 8.8 and 16.2% (wt.) is proposed. High-temperature technology and parameters of glass production for GIC are presented in the article. The properties of synthesized niobium-containing glass were determined and analyzed. The effect of niobium oxide on the crystallization ability of glass was determined by the method of differential thermal analysis.

Використання залишкової базової оливи як основи мастильних рідин

Petroleum oils are the basis for the production of individual group of lubricating liquids used for mold lubrication while glass wares production. It was established that residual basic oil produced at JSC “Ukrtatnafta” has better lubricating properties and thermal stability compared with MS-20 and I-40 commercial oils. Therefore it is recommended to use it during lubricating liquids production.