tide gauge

Absolute sea level changes at the tide gauge station in Władysławowo using different time series software packages

This paper presents geocentric sea level changes at the tide gauge station in Władysławowo, Poland. These changes have been calculated from the time series of GNSS and tide gauge observations. For the estimation of the geocentric sea level trend computer software packages Hector, GITSA, GGMatlab, and Statistica have been used. The results show that all the software packages give a similar value of absolute sea level changes in Władysławowo and it is estimated at a rate of around 3 mm/year.

Analysis of the results of vertical crust movement velocities of the European coastline per the tide gauge and GNSS-observation data

Purpose. The purpose of the study is to detect and investigate the differences in determining vertical crust movement velocities (VCMV) in Europe applying two independent methods: tide gauge and GNSS-observations. Methodology. As the result of the average crust movement velocity calculation applying tide gauge ( ± ) and GNSS-observations ( ± ) the interpolation of vertical crust movement velocities has been conducted (  and ),at points equally set-along the European coastline (every 10 km), their mean-square error (  and ) has been determined.