Comparison of the maximum acceleration of a passenger car on selected pavements in wintertime

In winter, kinematic characteristics of motion are determined by varying external conditions and environmental conditions that affect the coefficient of friction. External factors affect the contact area with the road wheels in two ways: by changing the properties of the surface and affecting the mechanical properties of the tire itself. Change of tire-surface interaction parameters causes a decrease in obtained acceleration and consequently extending the braking distance of the vehicle.

Practical examination of longitudal acceleration in the racing car in the aspect of ground adhesion of bituminous surface

This work concerns problems connected with race car's behavior permitted to traffic motion on dry asphalt surface during braking and rapid acceleration . The characteristics of the vehicle is presented with particular reference to type of tires. Environmental characteristics and road surface were made. The result of the research and analysis are kinematic characteristics of the particular features of the vehicle enabling assessment the probable risk both for diver and other road users.

Effect of Impact Velocity in the Roadblock on the Spatial Arrangement of Acceleration of the Vehicle Body

The article presents the results of experimental studies of the process of intense acceleration, passing through the barrier and the vehicle brakes adapted for the transport of persons using two speed ranges passing through the barrier. Tests were conducted on dry roads made of cobblestones. Performed experimental studies, which aim was to determine the acceleration in each axis while passing through the obstacle.