The phenomenon of topological inconsistencies of frames of map sheets during the creation of the main state topographic map

The aim of this work – research of topological inconsistencies during adjustment and junction of adjacent map sheets of digital topographic maps of scale 1:50000 with the use of rigorous analytical geodetic methods on the reference ellipsoid in the geoinformation environment.

Improvement of financial postindustrial economic dynamics design on the basis synergy topology, fractal geometry and leading indicators

For the current financial and economic systems characterized by unstable processes both in behavior and in structure. Causes of global financial instability rooted in imbalances and contradictions of international monetary and financial relations, which creates random perturbation of a different nature and give rise to unstable processes. Instability accompanied usually nonlinearities, which requires the development and application of innovative approaches to modeling processes analyzed.

Дослідження, моделювання та проектування складних мереж

There was given review of empirical and theoretical research results of complex networks. There are the main characteristics by which we study the topology and evolution of networks in time, which are the result of human activity. Focus on the dynamic properties of the Internet and on analysis of behaviour in time of its basic characteristics. There was investigated the topology of local computer network BW-Star & Fox Net in Chernivtsy.