traffic flow composition

Minimization of public transport delays at arterial streets with coordinated motion

Research results, using which the method of minimization of public transport delay is improved at intersections with the system of coordinated motion control, are given in this paper. Such transport research was carried out with simultaneous application of field measurements of the study of traffic flow indicators and computer simulation in PTV VISSIM to check the level of efficiency of coordinated control and the reliability of the results.

Assessment of the noise level on arterial streets depending on traffic flow indicators

The intensity of traffic flows increases every year and intensifies its impact significantly on urban territory's ecologic situation and natural environment. In Ukrainian cities, the growth of noise pollution is quite a topical problem as it has a significant impact on the environment because of the increase in car numbers. Traffic flow intensity and densification of the built-up area cause the increase of the noise level.

Minimization of traffic delay in traffic flows with coordinated control

The method and results of transport research, carried out by field research method, on the determination of the main indicators of traffic flows with significant unevenness of the movement on the arterial street in conditions of coordinated control is reviewed in the paper. Time parameters of traffic light control for which a reduction in traffic delay is achieved in direct and opposite traffic flow by the change of permissive signal depending on traffic intensity are determined using the simulation method.

Influence of traffic flow intensity on environmental noise pollution

The modern urban environment, with the development of industry, the growth of the vehicle's number on the roads, and the increase in the density of buildings, is increasingly capable of negatively affect the health and well-being of the city's population. Among the factors influencing the environment is noise pollution, namely man-made noise - unwanted and harmful sounds created as a result of human activities. Today, noise is one of the most common factors of pollution among all others.

Analysis of saturation flow on isolated lanes of controlled intersections with significant traffic intensity

The methods and results of the investigation of intervals between vehicles during queue dissipation before controlled intersections with the further determination of saturation flow are reviewed in this paper. Having reviewed existing methods of determining the saturation in traffic flows, those are determined which provide the most certain results in conditions of intensivemovement and take into account quite a large number of impact factors.

Justification of the criteria for allocation of separate lanes for urban public transport

The article is devoted to the methodology and research results of traffic flow parameters on the arterial streets, where different regimes of prioritizing urban public transport operate. The regularities of changes of such parameters make it possible to identify and differentiate the sections of transport network in terms of service efficiency, with the aim to implement various regulatory measures that would help to minimize delays in traffic flow.