тригонометричне нівелювання

Determination of plumb lines with using trigonometric levelling and GNSS measurements

The purpose of the study is to attempt to determine the deviation of vertical lines using trigonometric levelling and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNNS) measurements. For the last decades with the emergence of high-precision electronic theodolites and tacheometers, trigonometric levelling becomes a competitor of the geometric levelling of the II and III accuracy classes. This is primarily the definition of exceedances at distances up to 1–2 km for topographic surveying and the study of geodynamic processes in zones of the man-made load.

Determination of the Earth`s surface movements in areas of Dniester HPPS using satellite and ground geodetic methods

Purpose. The purpose of this study is to determine the horizontal movements of the earth surface in the vicinity of the main waterworks Dniester HPPS and the surrounding area using technologies of satellite monitoring by global navigation satellite system (GNSS). The territory is under the influence of anthropogenic impact of HPPS cyclical operating mode. To assess the accuracy of horizontal displacements of HPPS water intake at points with limited reception of satellite signals using compliant data of satellite and linear-angular measurements.

Investigation of the action of vertical refraction and precision trigonometric leveling over the water surface

In article described experimental researches of a vertical refraction on results of trigonometrically levelly above water lake surface of Beregany town discover laws of action of a refraction above lake. Methods of exception of influence of this factor are offered.

Scientific achievements of the expeditions of the department of geodesy on refraction issues in the deserts of Central Asia

Purpose The aim is to describe the results obtained during the scientific geodesic expeditions of the geodesic department in the deserts of Central Asia in 1986-1987. The purpose of the expedition was to search for refractive indexes without determining the temperature gradient along the directed beam.


Approbation of application of non-simultaneous bilateral trigonometric leveling taking into account vertical refraction

Purpose. Development of efficient, economic and reliable method of trigonometric leveling that would allow replace the geometric leveling without loss of precision, especially during works in mountainous areas remains actual. Methodology.