trilateration networks

Regularities in the accumulation of errors in the direction angles in solid trilateration networks

In networks of trilateration from triangles, the accuracy of the direction angles of the connecting sides has been studied in detail [1, 2]. The accuracy of the directional angles of the intermediate sides was not considered.

Economic-Accuracy Analysis of the Effectiveness of Optimal Observation Programs in Triangulation and Trilateration Networks for Engineering Purposes

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of triangulation and trilateration methods has been done in many works [3-5, 8, 9]. These studies are mainly based on the analysis of networks of a typical design. And the programs of observations in such networks for both methods have the same geometric configuration. The obtained conclusions are valid for geodetic networks with a geometrically localized program of observations. In particular, it can be state geodetic networks, or networks created in heavily built-up areas.