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Social consequences of defaults

The article examines the social consequences that a probable default can have for the country’s population, as well as the essence of the concept of "default", types of defaults, their causes and consequences for the country’s economy in the short and long term. If a default occurs, it becomes necessary to reduce the budget deficit, i.e. to increase revenues or reduce expenditures. But if the economic situation is difficult, then you should not expect more income. Accordingly, the country reduces spending, which means a reduction in social or investment programs of the state.

Raising Youth Unemployment as One of the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic

For studying the excess of youth unemployment in comparison with other age groups in Europe and selected world regions, the authors hypothesized the high efficiency of government employment policy, taking into account the possible consequences of displacing other age groups.

The aim of the study is to formulate proposals for reducing youth unemployment in Europe and selected world regions in accordance with the identified specific causes of this phenomenon.

The main objectives of the study are: