Management reporting of the enterprise” theoretical-methodological aspects and principles of formation

The principles of formation and methodical basis of construction of management reporting, considered as an instrumental tool in the system of enterprise management functions, are considered. An analysis of the existing approaches to establishing the feasibility (economic justification) criteria for the practical implementation of the management reporting system at the enterprise, as well as their forms with the selection of the functional purpose of the reporting information flows, was carried out.

Features and methods of detection of fake information in Ukrainian media

The notion of misinformation revealed difference misinformation and fake. The classification of fake on the various grounds is made, it is also found out the types of information to spread on the Internet. The essence and origin of the term “fake” describes the creation and dissemination of fake information in the social media. The typical examples of fake information in the Ukrainian media space, revealed the impact of such messages to users of social networks.