Characteristics of motorization's impact on the urban population

It is known that the most important thing in maintaining the good health of citizens is to save their lives from possible fatal road accidents, ensure the cleanliness of the air space, isolation from excessive noise pollution, electromagnetic fields. The listed negative impacts generate intensive traffic flows, which are the main component of transport systems. The task of identifying the patterns of changes in motorization over the past five years has become important. Motoriization, as it was previously believed, is one of the characteristics of the well-being of the population.

Analysis of thermal comfort models of users of public urban and intercity transport

Regardless  of  the  vehicle's  application,  the  thermal  comfort  of  the  vehicle's occupants and driver is given increased attention. Maintaining a sense of thermal comfort, whether for  safety,  health  or  occupant  thermal  well-being  reasons,  is  one  of  the  most  important  goals  of heating,  ventilation  and  air  conditioning  (HVAC)  systems.  There  are  a  significant  number  of physical  variables  that  affect  thermal  comfort.

To determination of traffic delay at controlled intersection

Taking into account the importance of time spent on passing distances of vehicle routes that lie across city road network (RN), well-known approaches to the determination of vehicle delay in the movement process (waiting for passage and the passage) of controlled intersections are analyzed. Reasons that cause the growth of these delays and that have an impact on traffic light cycle duration are counted. At the same time, the authors justify the need for change in the existing term transport delay.

The influence of the vehicle’s suspension malfunction on its operational efficiency

The main malfunctions that arise when operating a vehicle in Ukraine are the failure of the suspension elements and vehicle tires due to the poor condition of the most roads [11]. The car suspension elements soften the dynamic loads and smooth out the oscillations from the unevenness on the road while riding and provide a good stability and smoothness of the car ride.

Functional Performance of the Main Lighting System of Motor Vehicles

Visual perception plays a crucial role in the safety of road users. However, certain conditions such as twilight, the impact of bad weather, dirty windshields, etc. have a negative impact, which in turn increase the likelihood of traffic accidents (TAs) [1]. The ever increasing number of vehicles on the road is an additional potential danger. In response to these factors work is constantly being done to modernize existing and develop new lighting devices.

Administrative and legal relations in compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners

The article deals with administrative and legal relations in the field of compulsory
insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles. Specific features of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners from the perspective of legal entity and industry sector legal
rules governing these relations. The main administrative and related legal and extra-civil
relations in this area.