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Individual Drive of Internal Combustion Engine Lubrication System Based on Switched Reluctance Motor

The article analyses the modern lubrication systems for internal combustion engines. Systems with mechanical drive components that contain mechanical and electronic components have been found to have a number of disadvantages. In particular, when the internal combustion engine is started cold, when the viscosity of the oil is high, the hydrodynamic resistance characteristic rises sharply, which leads to high pressure at low speeds and the drive requires low pump speeds.

Switched Reluctance Motor With Energy Capasity Storage in System With Autonomus Limited Power Suppling

The article substantiates the expediency of using a capacitive storage in the circle of an electronic switch to improve the technical and economic performance of the switched reluctance motor. Such electromechanical converter is maximally simplest by design and construction, chip in technology side. It has good performance compared to simplest motor — induction, and, electric drive on the base of switched reluctance motor according to the regulating properties to drives with DC motors, that have unlimited distribution as know.

Switched reluctance motor for the wheel drive of a wheelchair

Constructions of an electromechanical transducer for a switched reluctance motor (SRM) and the circuit of a transistor switch with a serial energy storage are considered. The electromechanical transducer with pseudo U-shaped stator core elements has rational (efficient) magnetic system, and applied circuit design for the electronic commutator of the switched reluctance motor (SRM) allows improving power characteristics.