Switched Reluctance Motor With Energy Capasity Storage in System With Autonomus Limited Power Suppling

: pp. 54 - 62
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article substantiates the expediency of using a capacitive storage in the circle of an electronic switch to improve the technical and economic performance of the switched reluctance motor. Such electromechanical converter is maximally simplest by design and construction, chip in technology side. It has good performance compared to simplest motor — induction, and, electric drive on the base of switched reluctance motor according to the regulating properties to drives with DC motors, that have unlimited distribution as know.

New electrical schemes oriental on suppling by low voltage and limited power suppling are proposed. Energy buffers are used in this schemes not only protect the power transistors of the switch from the over- voltage phenomenon at the switch-off moment of the section, but also serve as a function of accumulation of energy stored in the magnetic field, which is then used to force the section current in the next section. It is possible to organize control in such schemes of the electronic commutator, when the control signals are formed by the logical multiplication of the signals of the adjacent rotor position sensor.

The given mathematical model are used for investigation and are given in such paper for instantaneous values of a switched reluctance motor with capacity energy buffers and which is the basis for calculation of its characteristics. To solve the problem of finding the moments of switching in problems of this type, we used the method of inverting a nonlinear system of differential equations. The essence of this method in relation to this task is that approximately switching-on or -off any of the power transistors of the electronic commutator, an independent variable accepts switching angle. The investigation results of mechanical and performance characteristics of a brush-less motors with a passive rotor and energy buffer are developed by a computer-aided research system of switched reluctance motor with energy buffers.

Calculation results of dynamic and static characteristics are given in this paper. Its show that the proposed mathematical models are a good base for the calculation of the characteristics of such engines. The results of computer simulation of electromechanical processes are confirmed by experimental studies and show the adequacy of the material model presented in the materials and the feasibility of using such an engine type.

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