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Venture business in Ukraine: current state and background of development

The current state of development of venture entrepreneurship was analyzed, the structure of assets of venture funds in Ukraine was investigated. The article highlights the stages of formation and birth of venture business in Ukraine, analyzes the differences between the functioning of venture business in our country and other developed countries, and determines the ways of further development of the venture industry.

Technology of establishing cooperation between venture investor and innovative enterprise

In the article it is established that today in Ukraine the development of venture investment of innovative enterprises is at an early stage and is characterized by a number of problems. The dynamics of venture capital in Ukraine shows that their number and capitalization have been growing rapidly during the research period 2011-2019, and this growth continued even after the crisis. It is worth noting that venture investments in Ukraine are made in points, in particular they are more concentrated in Kyiv and Lviv. The largest share of venture capital is international capital.

Startup ecosystem in Europe: best practices and lessons for Ukraine

The scientific research paper examines the European experience in the development of startup ecosystems. The definitions of scientists of the concepts “startup” and “ecosystem of startups” are given. The importance of the development of the startup ecosystem for Ukraine and possible ways to find better solutions to strengthen such development are identified.