Territorial approach to the settlement of ethnopolitical separatist conflicts

Ethno-political separatist conflict is a feature of modern international relations and a potential threat to global security. The number of such conflicts is growing and the danger of their aggravation remains an urgent problem, thus, studing the possibilities of solving them is an important task. The concept of ethno-political separatist conflict integrates two terms of the Western science: “self-determination conflict” and “separatist conflict”.

Improvement of method of determining indexes of lands value in settlements

Purpose. The aim of this publication is the research of existing method of calculation of index of specific factors that influence on the value of land, as well as a complex index of value of land resources both on the territory of specific functional and planning structures of the settlement and on the whole territory. On the basis of implemented research it became possible to improve the process of calculating the above-mentioned indexes and increase effi-ciency of land evaluation works in settlements. Methodology.