The article focuses on strengthening the military potential of the Bucharest Nine (B9) states in the context of the russia's war in Ukraine. The authors clarify the reasons and goals of the consolidation of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe for cooperation within the framework of the Bucharest format. Prerequisites for changes in defense spending within NATO are described, namely, the russian-Ukrainian war. The reaction of the North Atlantic Alliance to Russia's armed attack on Ukraine is studied, in particular after the full-scale russian invasion.

Estimation of Labor Migration Impact on the Economy of Sending Country

This paper provides a theoretical framework for estimating the labor migration impact on the economy of sending country. The overall emigration impact includes two effects, which can be calculated separately, i.e., a departure effect and a remittances effect. The departure effect causes a negative impact on the economy by decreasing autonomous consumption. The remittances effect causes a positive impact by increasing disposable income and thus internal consumption and savings and imports. Calculations include the multiplier effect.

Ukraine Gdp nowcasting considering release calendar of the statistical information

Introduction. GDP statistics is usually quarterly and with a significant delay, and the data of many other economic indicators (average wages, unemployment, exchange rates, etc.) are monthly or have an even higher frequency. Such indicators often carry important information about the current state of the economy and it is important to use this data with a high frequency to obtain qualitative short-term forecasts. That is why methods that use mixed frequency data are becoming increasingly popular in predicting current system states and in short-term forecasting.

GDP in Value as a Measure for Evaluating Annual Data Flow Increase on IoT

The article deals with the problem of assessing the primary data load on the IOT, generated by the year. GDP in the money presentation has been used to estimate the amount of information that enters the network directly from things. Having advanced the postulate that the amount of data emanating from a thing is proportional to the product of its mass (thing) by its specific orderliness, it is concluded that it is possible to use a volume of the generated order principle. Dual model allowing to estimate objective thing’s prices, has been proposed

The Asean and the EU in comparison: geoeconomic and institutional aspects

The author of the article compares the indexes of separate components of geoeconomic and institutional potential of the ASEAN and the European Union. The role of these integrational unions is determined in regional and global dimensions. Problematic aspects and main differences in functioning of the ASEAN and the EU are defined. On the basis of comparative analysis of macroeconomic indexes of the ASEAN and the EU, considerable achievements of the ASEAN were stated.