Strain gages based on gallium arsenide whiskers

Strain-resistant properties of GaAs whiskers and ribbons of p- and n-type conductivity with various
length (0.3–7 mm) and diameter (10–40 μm) have been investigated in a wide range of
temperatures. Strain gages based on heavily doped p-type conductivity GaAs whiskers have linear
deformation characteristics and a weak temperature dependence of strain sensitivity in the
temperature range from –20 to +3500 °C. The temperature coefficient of resistance (TСR) of not

Physical quantity sensors of extended functionality based on silicon whiskers

The constructive and technological features of creating a sensitive element of physical quantity sensors of extended functionality based on p-type boron-doped silicon whiskers grown by a chemical vapour deposition (CVD) are considered. In the paper we investigate the effect of the Si whisker resistivity on the temperature of an output signal.