Західна Україна

Lessons of Consolidation Processes of Ukrainian Community of Western Ukraine in the First Quarter of the Xx Century

The domestic and foreign policy circumstances of the consolidation aspirations of Ukrainians in Western Ukraine in the first quarter of the twentieth century is analyzed. The search for a common path, unification of political parties and their consolidation for the common goal of protecting the socio-economic and national-political rights of Ukrainians formed on both sides of the Dnipro River awareness of the need for unity, independence and unity in creating their own state.

Modern deformations of Earth crust of territory of Western Ukraine based on «GEOTERRACE» GNSS network data

The work analyzes the current horizontal and vertical displacement territory of Western Ukraine according to GNSS data, including the creation of special maps of modern displacements and the allocation of deformation zones of the upper crust. The object of study is the horizontal and vertical deformations of the upper crust. The aim is to identify and analyze deformation zones in Western Ukraine. The initial data are horizontal and vertical velocities of 48 continuous GNSS stations from 2018 to 2021 of Geoterrace network, known tectonic maps of the territory and descriptive materials.

Geospatial modeling of greenhouse gas emission in the residential sector: a comparison of Western Ukraine and South-Eastern Poland

Purpose. To develop of approaches for spatial inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector at the level of elementary objects to form datasets of geospatial distribution of emissions, and to analyze on this base the differences in emission structure for the territories of the Western Ukraine and South-Eastern Poland. Methodology. The main sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the residential sector are analyzed. The approach for assessment of energy demand of the households is developed.