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Preparation and Characterization of Red Mud-Based Geopolymer Composited with Rice Husk Ash for the Adsorption of Bromocresol Green in Aqueous Solution

Geopolymer-based industrial waste as red mud (RM) was successfully obtained in the presence of different loadings of rice husk ash (RHA). During the preparation, the added amounts of RHA in the geopolymer composition were varied from 10 to 50 % when the mass ratio of binder solution (Na2SiO3) and activated alkali-metal solution (NaOH 7 M) were 2.5 and the curing condition was fixed at 333 K within 24 h.

Solid Melamine Sulfate for Schiff Base Synthesis

Melamine sulfate (Si-MelaSO4H) was prepared by treated melamine, which was immobilized onto silica (Si-Mela) with 0.05 M sulfuric acid at room temperature. The TGA confirmed that the thermal stability could reach 473 K. The XRD pattern showed that in some patterns there were sharp peaks and in other pattern a broad band was shown, which indicated that the surface is a mix of crystalline and non-crystalline nature. The Si-MelaSO4H was used successfully in the preparation of Schiff bases and its derivatives.