The influence of social democrats on the formation and development of ukrainian political and legal thought in Galicia during the period of the proclamation and decline of the ZUNR (1918-1923)

This article is devoted to the analysis of the influence of the Ukrainian Social Democratic Party (USDP) on the formation and development of political and legal opinion in Galicia during the period of the proclamation and decline of the ZUNR (1918-1923). The role and place of iconic Ukrainian social democrats in the socio-political life of the region and the peculiarities of the evolution of the USDP to the political course of the ZUNR, the Polish state through the prism of the short period of Ukrainian power and the specifics of the occupation regime are highlighted.

Establishment of the ukrainian national instituteof information security:institutional aspect of information security policy of national state formations of 1917–1921

The institutional aspect of the information protection policy of Ukrainian national state
formations of the revolutionary wave of 1917–1921 is researched. The opinion on the general insufficient
attention of national Ukrainian state formations regarding the development of institutions aimed at
ensuring their information security is expressed. It is emphasized that the underestimation of the factor
of information security not only negatively affected the process of state building, but also to some extent

Labour relations in the context of regulatory policy of Ukrainian national public formations (1917–1921): legislative aspect

We study the legislative aspect of the legal policy of the Ukrainian national state formations of 1917-1921 in the sphere of labour. It is noted that the labour factor of as one of the socio-economic factors in the formation and evolution of Ukrainian legal policy of national governments was controversial and the “labour” policy itself was ineffective.

The agrarian question as a factor of legal policy of Ukrainian government formations (1917–1921 gg.): launching a national land law

The agrarian question in Ukrainian national state formations of 1917–1921 is studied as a course of legislative support distribution and redistribution of land. It is noted that the factor of revolutionary agrarian question in Ukraine that initiated the national land law, was not only the catalyst activation legal policies of Ukrainian government, but also largely determines the success of the Ukrainians in building their own national state.

Ukrainian national development (organic) constitutionalism: times zunr thirty UPR

The Ukrainian national constitutionalism – constitutional law and constitutional and legal searches in Ukraine of West Ukrainian People's Republic period / thirty UPR is studied. It is noted that the constitutional legislation ZUNR determines the overall direction of its legislative activities and scientific achievements of the Ukrainian scientist – Stanislav Dnistrianskyi were essential for the
establishment of Ukrainian constitutionalism.