Problems of war and peace in the philosophy of Kant, Hegel, Fichte

Vìsn. Nac. unìv. “Lʹvìv. polìteh.”, Ser.: Ûrid. nauki, 2016; 845(10): 490–495


O. Ryashko, L. Ostapenko

Discusses the problems of war and peace in German classical philosophy, prominent representatives of which were I. Kant, G. Hegel, I. Fichte. These and other thinkers in their theoretical writings not only analyze philosophical problems of society, but paid considerable attention, politics, law, morality, and the nature of social effects of the war. They offered interesting ideas of peaceful coexistence of mankind. Philosophical, political, legal, social concepts of prominent German thinkers have not lost their social values and they are extremely important.

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