Approaches to the formation of intercultural competence of public administration specialists

Statement of the problem. At the present stage of development of a globalised society, the importance of intercultural competence, which should be possessed by specialists in those fields that are directly related to the communication process with partners in the international arena, is increasing. The public sphere is no exception, as it is the place where a layer of specialists is formed to perform important tasks assigned to them by the state.

Organisational support for the development of public-private partnership

Statement of the problem.  Currently,  there are many problems and unresolved issues that hinder the processes of effective implementation of projects between the state and private business. Accordingly, it can be argued that there is a need for in-depth scientific research on the functioning of public-private partnerships, which actualises the direction and topic of the research in this article.

Regulatory and legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine

Statement of the problem. The importance of public-private partnerships requires substantiated regulatory and legal regulation in accordance with the need for high-quality and full cooperation between the state and private business with the highest effect. Therefore, the study of the role of legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine is extremely relevant in the new conditions of development of Ukrainian society, given the challenges it is facing today.

Improving administrative decision-making processes in Ukraine by ensuring their publicity under martial law

Problem statement. The requirement to make timely and correct administrative decisions is  relevant for public management at any level, in all countries  and in all historical periods. Therefore, many managers wonder how to develop a mechanism for making such a decision. There are conditions in which the administrative decision-making process acquires additional complications.

Establishing the concept of the public as a requirement of the post-war social order of Ukraine

The term public is an established term used in the scientific and political- administrative terminology of Western societies. It denotes a certain basic concept of social relations on which these societies are built. Such terms as public sphere, public service, public enterprises, public administration, public policy have become widely used. At the same time, in Ukraine, despite the changes that took place after 2014, until now, the dominant concept of the political and administrative sphere remains the state.

On international environmental security: modern dimensions and principles of implementation

The article describes the current problems of international environmental security in the context of the systematic manifestation of the principles of its implementation, which justifies the need to consolidate the efforts of interstate environmental measures on the basis of sustainable and balanced development. The article examines prerequisites for the formation of the global environmental safety as an integral part of international relations and politics against the background of the long-term ecological crisis.

Problems of harmonization of national legislation to international legal standards

The article presents and analyzes the key theoretical and methodological problems and prospects for the harmonization of national legislation to international legal standards. Four stages of harmonization processes are distinguished: the stage of formation of the national legal mechanism (program) of harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with international legal standards.

Normative legal support for the development of territorial urban communities in Ukraine

Problem setting. Socio-economic development of territorial communities grounds on managerial activities of local government bodies. They are engaged in solving issues of distribution of budget funds, participation in the development and implementation of social and industrial projects, coordination of activities of economic structures, and settlement of a range of significant regional development problems.