Principles of civil service аs the basis of administrative transformations in the state

Uliana PARPAN, Mikhailo TSYMBALIUK  "Principles of civil service аs the basis of administrative transformations in the state".

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

Abstract. The article analyzes the «state service» category, which is one of the institutions through which important functions of state power are implemented. It is emphasized that the present with a high degree of probability proves the need for constant improvement of legal support for the activities of state authorities, which aims to solve urgent problems in the state caused by a number of factors, among which are global transformational processes that are taking place in almost all key spheres of state and social life. Special emphasis is placed on the formation of a professional management core capable of applying new knowledge, technologies and competence in certain areas of management activity in the field of public service.

It is emphasized that the civil service is not an administrative-bureaucratic element of state power, but rather a social institution of legal regulation of the activities of civil servants, for whom the rule of law, legality, morality, honesty, high-quality performance of state functions by fulfilling their duties and powers in the state apparatus.

It was emphasized that the principles on which public service is carried out play a significant role in its renewal and professional activity in relation to the exercise of powers in the management sphere. The development of new approaches to the implementation of public service, which is aimed, first of all, at the implementation of new public functions, at expanding the range of public services and improving the quality of their provision, using the opportunities provided by the information society.

It was emphasized that the implementation of public service in Ukraine should be aimed at ensuring high-quality management transformations, which in the end will make it possible to achieve a socially significant result, to solve the important task of improving the activities of public authorities on the basis of existing standards developed by the international community and will cover all levels of management and all types of public service.

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