Stained glass has attracted the attention of art critics and scientists for centuries. Stained glass art plays a special artistic role in decorating windows, doors, and ceilings. In addition to the traditional use of stained glass windows, they are used in the design of modern interiors. Although stained-glass windows are not a common design solution in interior design, they are increasingly used for their individualization in modern decoration.

Principles of civil service аs the basis of administrative transformations in the state

Abstract. The article analyzes the «state service» category, which is one of the institutions through which important functions of state power are implemented. It is emphasized that the present with a high degree of probability proves the need for constant improvement of legal support for the activities of state authorities, which aims to solve urgent problems in the state caused by a number of factors, among which are global transformational processes that are taking place in almost all key spheres of state and social life.

Problems and prospects of the development of industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration

Experts considered the concept of the essence of "Industry 4.0" under European integration conditions. The problems, prospects, threats, and possibilities of processes of formation and further development of Industry 4.0 in Ukraine under the conditions of European integration are studied. The structure of approaches to the global interpretation of the "Industry 4.0" concept is given.

Modernization of Communicative Activity of Public Agencies

Formulation of the problem. Social and political transformations observed in the public sphere of Ukrainian society involve increasing attention to the activities of public agencies and the development of communicative activities both between them and between them and the population. Public agencies should implement their activities on the basis of openness, transparency and publicity, using the latest forms, methods and approaches to the implementation of communicative activities.