The legal adjusting of child’s euthanasia is the legislation of Belgium

: 250 - 253

К. Marysyuk «The legal adjusting of child's euthanasia is the legislation of belgium»

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article is devoted the analysis of question of legalization of child’s euthanasia in Belgium. In March, 2014 the special law which allowed application of euthanasia to the children not depending on their age was brought in Belgium into an action. Consequently, it became the first state in the world, which set so wide scopes of permission in this sphere. In obedience to the noted law, doctors have a right to halt life persons which did not attain 18- years-old age, but he must be in the hopeless from point of medicine state, feel the permanent and unendurable sufferings, which it is impossible to facilitate, and which during the nearest time will lead to death. It is important that a request about the feasance of act of euthanasia must initially express personally patient and repeatedly to sue for a grant him of possibility to go away from life without any pressure of circumferential. A decision about euthanasia must be confirmed parents and certain amount of experts, and a patient must realize a situation and understand, what euthanasia. Except for that, a psychologist must confirm, that a patient attained age from which it can voluntarily and realized to make decision about departure from life already. After it, a medical concilium must make decision that a child is incurable and nothing can facilitate it physical and psychological sufferings.

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