New functions of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

: 281 - 285
Educational and Scientific Institute of Law and Psychology Lviv Polytechnic National University

Considered an important problem – the impact of increasing the powers of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on the expansion of the range of functions of the judiciary itself as a whole in the course of judicial reform in Ukraine. Attention is drawn to the emergence of such new powers as the Constitutional Court’s consideration of a constitutional complaint and how to ensure such a review. Proposals on the mechanism of using constitutional complaint methods are formulated.

1.About the Constitutional Court of Ukraine: Law of Ukraine of 13.07.2017 [Electronic resource]. – Mode of access: 
2. On amendments to the Constitution: Law of Ukraine dated 2.06.2016. [Electronic resource]. – Mode of access: 3. About the appeal of citizens. Law of Ukraine dated January 1, 996 [Electronic resource]. – Access mode: -вр
4. About access to public information: Law of Ukraine dated January 13, 2011 [ Electronic resource]. – Access mode: http: // 
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O. Humennyi «New functions of the constitutional court ofUkraine»

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