Moral basis of activity in Ukraine and EU institute of law in Ukraine and the EU

: 99-104

Chornopyska V., Labay M. "Moral basis of activity in Ukraine and EU institute
of law in Ukraine and the EU"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology Lviv Polytechnic National University

In the article, the peculiarities of the formation of the moral principles of the Institute of
Advocacy in Ukraine and the EU are analyzed in a comprehensive way, based on a thorough
analysis of a large array of source bases. The content of advocacy ethics is defined: the lawyer
protects the interests of his client; uses only those means and methods of protection provided
for by law; He possesses such qualities of his profession that should not spoil his image. The
lawyer’s model is formulated, which must meet the following requirements: high intellectual,
cultural level, developed legal culture, knowledge of legislation, communication. The main
rules of the lawyer are outlined: the lawyer in his activity must set the client’s interests above
his personal; the lawyer should not represent the interests of two or more people who are in
dispute; the lawyer must provide legal assistance on the basis of the contract; the lawyer must
inform the party he represents about the possible difficulties of the case; sanctions and
disciplinary liability may apply to lawyers for violation of the rules of law ethics; the lawyer’s
advertisement should not include the assessment of the lawyer’s work and client’s responses,
criticism of other lawyers; the lawyer must pay the maximum attention to the case; Do not
solve your problems with a bribe.

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