The civil society as a problem category of philosophical-legal discourse

: 115-122

Chornopyska V. "The civil society as a problem category of philosophical-legal discourse"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article analyzes the theoretical and methodological foundations of the formation of the legal category “civil society”. Civil society as a philosophical and legal category is explored in two dimensions: phenomenal (practical) and abstract-conceptual. In the phenomenal  context, the category is regarded as a characteristic phenomenon of the modern society, which is a living substance, which by its very nature is inflexible and in a state of permanent development. In the abstract-conceptual dimension, the category of “civil society” is interpreted as an ideological component, and is therefore taken out of the practical sphere of society. It has been proven that civil society is a complex and contradictory phenomenon, the major shifts in the study of which depend on whether an effective methodology can be established.

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