Subject matter of legal comparativity and problems of definition of definitions

: 82-86

Lesyak N., Koval I. "Subject matter of legal comparativity and problems of definition of definitions"

student Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article analyzes the subject of legal comparative studies and the problems of defining definitions. The theoretical and practical significance of the scientific analysis of legal definitions is analyzed, in particular in the subject of legal comparative studies. The role and specificity of legal comparative studies in the system of legal sciences is investigated. Legal comparative studies are also analyzed as a complex legal science. Nowadays considerable comparative legal researches have been developed in the legal science, which aim is to identify the laws of formation, development and functioning of the legal systems of the present, improvement of national law and order. The value of such research lies not only in the fact that they contribute to solving certain problems, but also raise a number of questions that can only be answered through comprehensive comparative legal research. In the structure of legal science, the role of legal comparative studies, including legal comparative studies, is increasing. This is due in large part to the fact that modern law cannot evolve in isolation from global trends. The use of legal comparative studies helps to solve both scientific, academic, cognitive and purely practical, applied problems. It successfully performs cognitive, informational, critical, analytical, integrative and other functions. The methodological basis of the general theoretical study of sectoral legal comparative studies is a set of philosophical, general scientific and special approaches and methods. The dialectical approach to the study of legal reality from the point of view of the general laws of the development of nature, society and thinking and the general relations of phenomena allowed us to determine the laws of formation of its legal comparative studies and to determine its status in the system of legal sciences. The historical approach has made it possible to examine the genesis of sectoral legal comparative studies and to review the study of sectoral comparative studies in legal literature. The comparative legal approach contributed to the development of methodological foundations of legal comparative studies. The systematic approach made it possible to determine the place of legal comparative studies in the system of legal and human sciences, as well as to distinguish its structural elements. Formal-logical method is used in the formation of the basic concepts that form the conceptual apparatus of legal comparative studies, in determining its basic structural elements.

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