Legal policy of the state (theoretical and legal analysis)

: 47-51

Zharovska I. "Legal policy of the state (theoretical and legal analysis)"

Educational-Scientific Institute of Law and Psychology Lviv Polytechnic National University, D.Sc. (Law), Associate Professor

The article presents a theoretical and legal analysis of the concept of legal policy. It is positioned as the main type of policy in general, because through it there is a state-volitional direction of state development in all spheres of public relations. It is generalized that the legal policy of civilized peoples must comply with the axiological principles of the rule of law, democracy, humanism, legality, coherence of the interests of the individual, society and state, and so on. The essence of legal public policy is strategic planning in the legal sphere as an ongoing process through which legal policy actors review the strategic direction of their organization and its activities to achieve the goals set by public authorities for the community. The state system of development planning covers a variety of instruments, including the legal basis of the state), as well as mechanisms for transforming the policy framework into a medium-term development sector. It is stated that the choice of time limits is determined by both the sphere of legal policy and the global nature of transformations. It is proved that the priority of the legal policy of the state is due to: the need to provide organizational and regulatory economic, political, social sphere of coexistence of people; the need to organize legal information; establishment of common directions of development of the state, public and legal space; the need to establish law and order in the state and ensure democratic axiological patterns; establishment of a unified state ideology; development of legal culture and legal awareness of society.

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